Ego, or All or Nothing

from by Michael Hicks



Need to prove,
they're flocking to this groove
I'm self-sufficient
and I know the rules,
Thanks to those that came before for
The tools I use, the knowledge in profuse
Been told it's helpless to try
Do what you can to survive
Sometimes I feel like a boxer,
For this chance to live free and prosper
Can't get there without climbing the ladder
Someone's above me, that's no matter
Can I build a way round to the top?
Why haven't others thought that before they rot?
Who would see me building that route?
With their guns aimed, ready to shoot?
Doesn't feel as good, as knocking them down blind
No great feeling when you invest in the mind
But I need some way to prove and keep my honor
So who would go that way, except to prove they walk on water?
A battle of wits is like a battle of blades
Which man's ego will be left to die in the shade?

I took you down, not a sound
Always someone else, in the know
Careful of your back, when push comes to shove
Cause you're nothing that can't be thrown away,
They took me down, not a sound
Grind my flesh into little bits
Take him down, wear the crown
Take, take him down


from Inscribed Sky, released February 16, 2016



all rights reserved


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Michael Hicks

Hey! I'm a game designer and musician. My game soundtracks and solo projects are released here, so each release usually sounds pretty different. Hope you enjoy. Follow me on Twitter and say hi!

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